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  • My Fonts Family Foundry

    Fonts Family Foundry was established in 1989 with three fonts. Since then we’ve been busy creating new, beautiful fonts. It’s what we love doing.

    Admittedly we’ve been somewhat distracted, both as a business and as individuals. Everything took a back seat because of other projects, family commitments, death and more recently, COVID.

    But, with all change comes opportunity. And now with some fresh energy in the team we’re re-launching the brand. We look forward to sharing our journey with you as we move forward.

    Welcome to the family.

    – Rob (font lover).

    About Rob Baker

    Rob Baker is an artist, designer and typographer.

    Rob started developing fonts and selling his typography as a teen. Over the years he has developed various fonts enjoyed by other designers and marketers on numerous projects internationally.

    He is very much looking forward to sharing his fonts with the world.

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